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Really good. Beautiful artwork, with more time the game would be superb. I'd love to have seen more of it! Good luck in the jam, I included it in a video i made I hope you don't mind!

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Maybe we will make the timer larger! The scaling looks a little poor in your video :( 

Thanks so much for playing and making a video. Its really nice to see people play it :D

Only the three people that you got are in there right now for the full body pictures. We wanted to add more but it would've taken the artist too long.

Hi! Thanks for the reply. Yes i understand it must be hard to work in such tight time restrictions. Good luck and hope to see more from you!

We are planning to come out with a more desktop friendly version currently. Be on the lookout in a few weeks :)

Not bad but it need's some work, because I constantly couldn't get it to drag properly sometime's and it just randomize's so much I cant't keep the streak up, if you had it to where more time get's added with each correct one AND subtract time with wrong one than I would give it a proper rating.

Agree on the randomization. It is barely sudo random.  The swiping is not great but because this was for a game jam i did not have time to rewrite it. We were thinking about that, but didn't want it to last forever as its just a short game jam game.


The art is amazing! Took me a while to figure out what to do but it's a very neat concept. Reminds me a bit of Papers Please

Yes! That's what we were aiming for. Thanks so much!