NOTE: if you have issues with audio/lag please download and play or try the Chrome browser over others. Thanks!  

A plate-spinning style game where you, a junior Grim Reaper associate, are in charge of adjusting and maintaining the clocks of the soon-to-be-deceased in your purview. 

A ticker of information tells you what your clients have been up to, and how much it adds to or subtracts from their personal clock.  You will adjust the clocks accordingly and MUST strike the death sentence when it is time (use given Employee Scythe to this purpose).  If you don’t, your error is counted against you and stored in your personnel file.  Four slip-ups and you're fired. 

You have a limited number of clients, and the ‘powers that be’ know what your schedule is supposed to look like. If your death-days don’t reconcile, you’re demoted!  As you progress, the incoming information increases its speed.  An hourglass will prompt you to periodically confirm your adjustments.

Their time is YOUR time. 

Controls : 

A or Left Arrow to add time
D or Right Arrow to remove time
Enter or Space to submit
Mouse left click to drag an drop on every action (use wireless plug, scythe, et.)

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Members:        Role: Links:
Evan (Crychair) Programmer
Jeremy Audio Lead, Voice Actor, Writer
Alexa Composer, Voice Actor, Writer
Sean Composer, Voice Actor, Writer
David Sound Designer
Noel-Tien (Alcy)Graphics

And a big thank you to all our playtesters! (Chris P., Oma Croq' , Latchii!)

NOTE: The Mac and Linux builds of this game are untested.  (We're struggling with Apple's new security features, which are great for pretty much everything but this.)

Add more content to it for your friends! Head to the Google form to ADD YOUR OWN lines!


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