Created for the GMTK 2021 Game Jame Themed: "Joined Together"

You're the new parasite in town. Survive the hostile environment against the other cells! 

Every second counts as you'll die without a host, hook one up and absorb their life to ensure your survival! But beware your cell walls are delicate!

** Some issues with enemy pooling and collisions - sorry for any lag/bugs you experience**

How to play:

As a parasite in a new environment, your life is depleting quickly. You need a Host to sustain yourself! 

Fire with both mouse buttons tethers that will allow you to absorb the life of your foes while healing you in the process. You can leech off two cells at once, beware to not go to far from them though!

When tethered, the enemy cells will stop moving. Don't touch them while alive or you'll die!

Have fun and share your highest score in the comments below!

For more difficulty play only with ONE mouse button!

Programming : Crychair (Sleepy Donut

Composing : Emmitt Spliff ( Youtube

Sound Design : David (Twitter), Zavid (Twitter)

Art : Alcy (TwitterPortfolio)

Testers: Thanks to all our friends who gave us feedback/suggestions 
and Alexa (Soundcloud) for creating our Mac build


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